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My boyfriend has often told me that I spoil him…mostly with unexpected gifts and surprises. And I sometimes think: Why is it mostly me doing this, is this wrong? Is this anti-feminine? I don’t care how one woud label it. I want to be that person. I am that person for my best friends and for my sister. I make them gifts for no reason. I pay for drinks or buy them chocolates. I don’t care how it looks. It’s knowing that this person will smile and feel warm inside that matters to me the most. I don’t do it so they can return the favour. I learned years ago giving shouldn’t be about waiting to receive. The art of giving is just that – unconditional and selfless. And it does feel damn good. Every single time.

I realize that back in the days I didn’t have much to give. I could only help out with homework, tests and my undivided attention. But now I can add more to that. I can go out and pick something pretty that reminds me of this person. Give them something I know they’ll like and use. It feels really nice having this freedom. Especially because I earned it all myself.

So be generous. And kind. It will all come back to you in one form or another. I promise.